Salutation of the dawn

Posted in fashion, life, photography, quotes by ladylouis on May 6, 2010

Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn!
Look to this Day!
For it is Life, the very Life of Life.
In its brief course lie all the
Verities and Realities of your Existence.
The Bliss of Growth,
The Glory of Action,
The Splendor of Beauty;
For Yesterday is but a Dream,
And To-morrow is only a Vision;
But To-day well lived makes
Every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness,
And every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope.
Look well therefore to this Day!
Such is the Salutation of the Dawn!  -Kalidasa-

Photos – interviewmagazine.com

Carpe diem – Seize the day!

Today: I’ve started packing my bags for Nice. Ah France, I can’t wait. 10 days to go.

It’s hard fitting your whole life into a 20kg bag. Especially when you love clothes, shoes and accessories so much. What can I leave at home? What is worthy living with me in Nice?  (Oh yeah, we have some really important issues in this world.)

I’ll take some wardrobe photos when I get a camera. Hopefully, I’m going to borrow one from my boyfriend in short time. See ya!

Oh, btw, do something GOOD FOR YOURSELF today!


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